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Founder / Developer

1. Bring your Side-project or Idea or early MVP
2. Build fastest, surrounded by Coaches, Community, and Protocols
3. Get selected to ProjectCamp - For Side-project or Idea stage - Build in public with a Leaderboard
4. Get selected to 0xCamp - For early MVP - 4 months Incubation Program by CoachDAO
5. Get vetted by CoachDAO - Invited to LaunchCamp - 6-month Acceleration Program
6. Get support System for your Funding / Grants

Protocols & Partners

1. Join the Foundership Signal Network today.
2. Get access to 750+ Projects or Startups
3. Bring your Protocols, Platforms, Tools or Solutions
4. Offer Goal-based Grants
5. Grow your usage


1. Offer pro-bono guidance to Projects in ProjectCamp
2. Coach pro-bono to Startups in the 0xCamp program - 3-week Incubation Program by CoachDAO
3. Vote Startups from 0xCamp to LaunchCamp - 6-month Acceleration Program
4. Continue to be one of the coaches for a LaunchCamp Batch
5. Grow your impact in Web3 Ecosystem & Co-create wealth in the process

As a Coach in the CoachPool for a batch, Coaches are rewarded 1/3 of Dividends from the equity/token from the batch startups